How to use these records

This index is not a complete transcript of the Funeral Home records. The original records contain additional information, including cause of death, date of burial, and the name of the person who ordered the service. However, the records do not indicate where the burial occurred or whether the death actually occurred in Bay County.

Information you find in funeral records can often lead to additional genealogical records including birth and baptism records, social security death indexes, death certificates, obituaries, cemetery inscriptions, and more.

Bay County was created in 1913. Prior to that time, deaths and burials in the area that is now Bay County may have been recorded in Washington or Calhoun Counties.

Abbreviations used in this index

  • Reside. = last residence. Not necessarily where the death occurred
  • Res. = last residence. Not necessarily where the death occurred
  • sh'd = body shipped elsewhere from the funeral home
  • Residence codes (see map and residence-key page)

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