Bay County, Florida, Cemetery Index

A Merged Countywide Index
to every interred person in all 38 Bay County cemeteries reported
by the Bay County Genealogy Society surveys completed by 1995

Sponsored by the Bay County Genealogical Society

Detailed maps are available for some cemeteries.
Click on the cemetery name at the left to view the map.

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the index to all interred persons whose surname begins with that letter.

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“THANK YOU!!! for the wonderful cemetery index. I wish every city had one.
I search Bay County often and this is a tremendous help.” — PB, Ft. Myers, Florida.

“It's a wonderful addition to your website, Bill!
Found several names I'm interested in." — MH, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.

“A Google search revealed your Society's website and there I found a list of the Olivers buried there.... Perhaps you can understand my surprise at finding my surname appearing up a creek in Florida and my wish to know more of the Florida Olivers. Were they of European stock...?” — R. Oliver, Cumbria, UK

“The Bay County Cemetery index is absolutely fantastic and helpful! Thank-you, so very much, for the time it must have taken to compile it.” — YG

“... my genealogical quest has led me to your great website. I don't get down that way often so I'm very grateful to you and others who make these generous donations of time and effort to gather and organize so much information and then publish it online.” — KG, Wake County, North Carolina

“By the way, you probably hear this a lot but one more time for the record. The website is great!” — SS, Youngstown, Florida

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