Walter Raleigh "Railey" Gainer. He was born 6 March 1836, the yongest son of Willliam and Jane Watts Gainer. His first wife, Sarah Elizabeth Martin, married him on 22 January 1862 and bore him ten children, but she died 29 April 1881. His second wife, Mary Ann Mashburn married him on 21 May 1882. He was a teacher in Washington County and an enumerator on the 1885 Florida state census. He was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 1879, 1887 through 1889, and 1893. He also served as a tax assessor and county commissioner. He sold stock and produce at appalachicola and shipped some cattle to Cuba from Grassy Point. He died 14 April 1920 and was buried at the Gainer Family Cemetery.

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