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This site used to contain a few recent birth notices, but has been discontinued, unfortunately.

Florida birth records for the twentieth century are difficult to obtain because of privacy concerns. However, they can be very informative, and may lead you to additional sources of family information. The indexes in the table below are thought to be reasonably complete for the periods listed. The transcripts, however, are incomplete.

Birth Indexes

Record Description Dates Compiler
St. Andrews Buoy Births Index 1893-1910 Barbara Walker Winge
Panama City Pilot Births Index 1907-1916 Cindy & Joseph D’Aurora
St. Andrews Bay News Births Index 1916-1934 Barbara Walker Winge

Miscellaneous Birth Transcripts

Record Description Dates Transcriber
Panama City Pilot Births 1907 Linda Pazics Kleback

Birth Record Images

Record Description Dates Repository
Delayed Certificates-Washington Co. 1913-1940 FHL
Bay County Birth Certificates $ 1917-now Florida Dept. of Health

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