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If you don't know the name of the cemetery where your relative was buried and the burial occurred before 1994, use the county-wide index. However, if the burial occurred after 1994 and you know the cemetery name, check the individual cemetery index to see if a more recent survey exists. If the burial occurred after January 1986, check our Panama City News Herald obituary index page. It usually indicates the cemetery.

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Greenwood Cemetery

Quiet, spacious, clean, well-layed-out, with lots of trees, shade, birds, and big and easy-to-read stones, Greenwood is possibly the most pleasant cemetery in Bay County.

Complete Listings. All of the indexes in the table below are believed to be complete as of the survey date. Cemetery locations are marked on the Cemetery locations map. Street addresses and GPS coordinates are listed in the Key to cemetery locations map.

County-Wide Burial Index

Cemetery Name Survey Date Surveyor
County-Wide 1994-1995 BCGS
Cemetery locations map   BCGS
Key to cemetery locations map   BCGS

Individual Cemetery Listings

Cemetery Name Survey Date Surveyor
Baker Bayou Oct 1994 BCGS
Bayhead Apr 1995 BCGS
Bayou George Dec 1998 Jolly & Hayes
Brown-McQuagge Jun 1994 BCGS
Callaway Jun 2001 Peterson & Hayes
Catholic Jun 2001 Janet & Dan Steadham
Catholic map Jun 2001 Janet & Dan Steadham
Cedar Creek Jun 1994 BCGS
Evergreen Memorial Gardens, A-L Sep 2002 Janet & Dan Steadham
Evergreen Memorial Gardens, M-Z Sep 2002 Janet & Dan Steadham
Farmdale Oct 1994 BCGS
Fountain Feb 2002 Sharon Tibbits Grant
Gainer, Econfina Creek Oct 1994 BCGS
Gainer (Black) Jun 1994 BCGS
Gainer-Watts Jun 1994 BCGS
Garden of Memories Aug 2002 Janet & Dan Steadham
Gay Apr 1995 BCGS
Grassy Point Apr 1995 BCGS
Green Hills, Fountain Nov 2000 Doris Pamphilon Dyer
Greenwood, A-F Jun 2001 Janet & Dan Steadham
Greenwood, G-M Jun 2001 Janet & Dan Steadham
Greenwood, N-S Jun 2001 Janet & Dan Steadham
Greenwood, T-Z Jun 2001 Janet & Dan Steadham
Greenwood map1   Panama City
Greenwood map   Panama City
Greenwood misc. 1939-2000 Panama City
Greenwood ledgers 1889-1985 Panama City
Greenwood burial-transit permits 1968-1993 Panama City
Gunlock, Pinelog Community Sep 2002 Patti Peterson
Gunlock, Pinelog Community Oct 2008 Suzanne Shay
Kent Forest-Lawn Oct 2001 Janet & Dan Steadham
Hillside Cemetery (African-American) May 2002 Howell & Tiller
Holy Nativity Episcopal Church Sep 1994 BCGS
Lynn Haven Sep 2001 Janet & Dan Steadham
Lynn Haven Community (Black) Sep 2001 Janet & Dan Steadham
Marywood Oct 1994 BCGS
Mashburn, Econfina Creek Sep 2001 Patti Peterson
Millville Jun 2001 Janet & Dan Steadham
Millville section map Jun 2001 Janet & Dan Steadham
Oakland Jun 2001 Janet & Dan Steadham
Oliver Creek Apr 1995 BCGS
Parker Apr 2000 Norem, Jolly & Hayes
Paul, Court Martial Lake Jan 2001 Betty Mae Smith
Porter Jun 1994 BCGS
Redfish, Tyndall AFB Oct 1994 BCGS
Redwood (African-American) Jan 2002 Howell & Tiller
St. Andrew's Memorial Garden Sep 1994 BCGS
Sandy Mount, Fountain Jan 2003 Patti Peterson
Southport Community (a.k.a. Old Southport) Aug 2002 Janet & Dan Steadham
Southport Memorial Gardens Aug 2002 Janet & Dan Steadham
Unknown, Lynn Haven Aug 2002 Janet & Dan Steadham
West Bay Feb 2002 Patti Peterson
Youngstown Jul 1995 BCGS

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