An Annotated Index to the Published Histories of Bay County, Florida

A Merged Countywide Index
Compiled by the Bay County Genealogical Society

St. Andrews Panama City Beach Callaway Glimpses of the Panhandle Parker Lynn Haven The Cove

Bay County was created in 1913 from Washington and Calhoun Counties. However, names, events, and places mentioned in our early histories are not restricted to Bay County. In fact, the early history of Bay County cannot be appreciated properly outside the context of the surrounding panhandle counties. Many early historians recognized that and included information about the surrounding counties and states.

Millville Panama City Seaside Settlers Scars of Civilization Some Who Passed This Way Your 50 Golden Years On St. Andrews Bay

Wewahitchka St. Andrews Bay, Florida Tides: Growing Up On St. Andrews Bay, Florida Growing Up on Grace

Please click on a letter at the left to view the index to Bay County, Florida, written histories. The index includes all significant names, places, and events mentioned in the numerous county histories that were published without indexes.

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