How to use these records

Please note that the dates in this index are publication dates of the newspaper, NOT the date of any particular event reported. Spellings in this index are as found in the St. Andrews Messenger.

If you find your ancestor in this index, you may want to view the complete article itself. Often, however, the article contains little beyond what is included in the comments section of this index. Because of the deteriorated condition of the microfilm, it is not available to the public. However, on a case basis, the Bay County Public Library archivist may make it available by special request. You may contact the Bay County Public Library at 850-522-2130 or email for assistance.

Early newspapers can be a treasure trove of the personal, professional, legal, and social activities of a small community. Information you find in a newspaper article can sometimes lead to additional genealogical records including birth, baptism, marriage, death, obituary, funeral records, and more.

As always, family researchers are reminded to seek out all available original records to confirm (or disprove) information provided in newspaper articles, because much of that information may be secondary, or hearsay, evidence. Factual statements reported in newspapers may contain errors, and misspellings are common.

Abbreviations used in this index

  • ad=advertisement
  • bldg=building
  • Capt.=Captain
  • ch or childr=children
  • ch=church
  • chur=church
  • co=company
  • co=county
  • dau=daughter
  • Dir=Directory
  • dist=district
  • E or e=east
  • ed=editor
  • Eliz.=Elizabeth
  • esp=especially
  • g=grandchild
  • gen=general
  • Inst.=Instruction
  • J. P.=Justice of the Peace
  • mi=mile(s)
  • newsp=newspaper
  • Presby=Presbyterian
  • pub=publisher
  • res=residence
  • RR=railroad
  • sch=school
  • so=south
  • spec=special
  • st pen=state penitentiary
  • St. And.=St. Andrew
  • supt.=superintendent
  • vs=versus
  • wit=witness

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