Bay County, Florida, Genealogical Society

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Library Holdings

About our collection
Like many small genealogical societies, we do not have sufficient resources to maintain our own collection of genealogical materials. We are very fortunate, however, to have an excellent, long-standing relationship with our partner, the Bay County Public Library. It houses, administers, indexes, catalogs, and maintains Bay County's collection.

Special thanks go to Linda Kleback, Rebecca Saunders, and Laura Moree, the Library's past and present genealogy specialists, respectively. Rebecca is also a member of our Board, and Laura is a member of our Standing Committees.

Index to County Histories
The Library's Local History Room holds many limited-distribution, early Bay County histories that contain much genealogical information about the early settlers. An Every-name and every-place index is being created by BCGS volunteers. At present, 18 already have been indexed, and the merged index appears on our Web site.

Some fiction with a genealogical theme
For those who enjoy an occassional break from research, Rebecca has assembled a short list of novels in the Library that have a genealogical bearing. They are not shelved in the genealogy section, so they are unlikely to be noticed by family historians.

In the afterword of Sharyn McCrumb’ wonderful novel, The Songcatcher she writes “... to me it symbolized the fragility of one's heritage. Each of us is the link between the past and the future, and it is up to us to pass along the legends, the stories, the songs, and the traditions of our own family. If we don't they will be lost...

How could a genealogist not appreciate such an author?

Some Books With a Genealogy Theme

Anderson, BridgeHotel ParadiseF AND
Ayres, Katherine Family tree jFic AYR
Bauer, Joan Backwater YA F BAU
Delinsky, Barbara Family tree F DEL
Fox, Jimmy Deadly pedigree Mys FOX
Fox, Jimmy Jackpot blood Mys FOX
Fox, Jimmy Lineages and lies Mys FOX
George, Anne Murder runs in the family LP Mys GEO
Greenwald, Sheila Rosy Cole discovers America jFic GRE
Lowell, Elizabeth Always time to die Mys LOW
McCrumb, Sharyn Songcatcher F MAC
Nixon, Joan Lowery Search for the shadowman jMys LOW
Roberts, Nora Black rose F ROB
Roberts, Nora Blue dahlia LP F ROB
Shelby, Anne Homeplace jFic SHE
Sprinkle, Patricia Death on the family tree Mys SPR
Tademy, Lalita Cane River F TAD
Tademy, Lalita Red River F TAD

Classification notes:
F indicates a fiction book.
YA F is a young adult novel.
jFic is a children’s novel.
Mys is mystery.
jMys is a children’s mystery.
LP indicates a Large Print edition.
The final three letters are the first three letters of the authors name.
F, Mys, and LP are in the section of the Library presently to the left when you enter the front door.

Genealogical Periodicals

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Florida Historical Quarterly Florida Historical Society
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Indian River Genealogical Society newsletter Indian River Genealogical Soc.
Pinellas Genealogist Pinellas Genealogy Society
Tallahassee Genealogist Tallahassee Gen. Soc.
Treasure Chest News Central Florida Gen. Soc.
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Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly Georgia Genealogical Society
Scribe Georgia Genealogical Society
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New England Ancestors New England Historic Gen. Soc.
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